SER 20


This test bench is an item of measuring and testing equipment for industry involved in the design, manufacture and/or testing of pumps and pressure generators. The automation of the system, which can be connected to the database, makes it easy to use and prevents loss of information, increasing the efficiency of the production process.

Developing the bench required its hydraulic, mechanical, electrical and IT dimensioning to guarantee its smooth and efficient operation.

The hydraulic circuit and the measuring instruments have been dimensioned to ensure that they meet the specifications of both the client and the standard. Based on the pre-dimensioning results, a design was defined in accordance with several different factors, among which the most important are space restrictions, ease of use and possible future enlargements.

To guarantee its smooth operation, simulation tools are used to detect and, where applicable, reinforce the most requested zones.

Communication between the device and the client’s database is crucial to facilitate the task of the operator when conducting tests. In this case, the bench performs an automatic report based on the results that is automatically linked to the client’s ERP.