GiroMed Institute SLP

  • Client: GiroMed Institute SLP

  • Data: 2021

  • Tags: Medical device, Mandibular advancement, Dental prosthesis, Apnoea, Snoring


Sleepsapphire is personalised mandibular advancement device. It is used to minimise or resolve Obstructive Sleep Apnoea. Apnoea is a disorder that occurs in the form of repeated and intermittent episodes of obstruction of the upper airway during the period of sleep, which causes various conditions in the patient, endangering their health and quality of life.

The method used by Sleepsapphire is to force the advancement of the lower jaw during sleep, thus opening the patient’s airway and preventing apnoea.

In addition, it adapts to each patient’s dental geometry and is adjustable: the degree of protrusion applied to the jaw can be adjusted.

Therefore, Sleepsapphire is successful in optimally adapting the mandibular advance treatment to each patient, offering a highly effective solution together with an optimal degree of comfort, with the sole aim of improving the patient’s quality of life.