• Client: Cuokko

  • Data: 2016

  • Tags: Oxymoron maker, Hot ice-cream, Culinary delights

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Oxymoron Maker® III makes it possible to create an ice cream inside a hot brioche in just a few seconds. It has an elegant design and is made of high quality materials: stainless steel and bamboo plywood. In addition, it is customisable and it enables you to create reliefs marked on the final product brioche with the brand name or an image.

It is easy to use and functional, all you need is a brioche, some ice-cream, toppings and whatever you want to add, and you will have the result in a few seconds.

It comes in two versions: simple and double, to obtain one or two hot ice creams at the same time.

Oxymoron Maker® III is an improved version based on the original 2016 design that was commissioned by Rocambolesc in collaboration with Andreu Carulla Studio.

Inbrooll currently handles all phases from design to manufacturing, as well as part of the after-sales service.