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Mimcook® is the first gadget for the restaurant trade that automates cooking by means of ring or flame intensity, time and temperature to standardise each of the cooking phases. This enables it to guarantee reliable results subject only to the quality of the raw material.

The great concern of restaurateurs in their business has always been be able to serve the best product they could offer. This entailed the need for kitchen appliances that would deliver high-precision results. After two years of development, the Mimcook® Pro was launched in April 2018. In 2020, with more than a hundred units installed in diverse restaurants around the world, the Mimcook® Go was born, a small model but with the same features, for places where space is a major limitation.
Since the beginning of the project, Inbrooll has developed Mimcook® to meet the standardisation needs specified by chef Sergi Escolà, from the idea to the product.

Inbrooll currently handles all phases from design to manufacturing, as well as part of the after-sales service.