Laboratoris Hipra, S.A.

  • Client: Laboratoris Hipra, S.A.

  • Data: 2016

  • Tags: Medical device, Veterinary, Vaccination, Animal health, Poultry

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Hipraspray® is an automatic vaccination device for spraying for the poultry farming sector. In order to achieve optimal spray vaccination, major challenges had to be solved, such as how to achieve the uniform distribution of the drops, selecting the nozzles and their working pressure.

Hipraspray® is a modular design comprising a control tower and a desk. The control tower gives the commands to the desk on which the crates of chicks are positioned to carry out the spray vaccination automatically.

Three different models of Hipraspray® machines have been designed: Manual, Semi-Automatic and In-line. All three are fitted with detection sensors of the crates and one of the models has LED lighting, which helps to control the vaccination process.