Laboratoris Hipra, S.A.

  • Client: Laboratoris Hipra, S.A.

  • Data: 2019

  • Tags: Assembly bench, Veterinarian, Vaccination, Intradermic, Animal health, Needle-free, Porcine

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Design, programming and manufacture of the Hipradermic® test bench: an automatic, needle-free injection device designed for the intradermic vaccination of porcine livestock.

The Hipradermic® test bench has the capability to keep up with the pace of production, ensuring the quality control and operation of the devices and the traceability of the results.

It allows up to six devices to be controlled and tested at the same time, and also has a work area where six more devices can be subjected to fatigue.

All of this is controlled by a state-of-the-art PLC and other features and is linked to the SCADA and ERP systems.