Laboratoris Hipra, S.A.

  • Client: Laboratoris Hipra, S.A.

  • Data: 2014

  • Tags: Medical device, Vaccination, Intradermic, Needle-free, Veterinary, Animal Health, Porcine

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Hipradermic® is an advanced automatic needle-free vaccination device for the pig-farming sector. The needle-free system facilitates vaccination and prevents infections, damage to the needle and unnecessary stress of the animal, thus improving the precision and efficacy of the vaccination.

Hipradermic® 3.0 is an improved version based on the original 2014 design that among other features has achieved a weight reduction of the device, an improvement in the aesthetic design and its features (screen display, push button security, incorporation of gyroscope, level positioner, etc.)

Inbrooll also participated in the development of the assembly and testing bench.