Indooit 360º: a global vision of the project

Our own methodology that incorporates the four main aspects of product development:

  • A feasibility study by defining the initial idea , an assessment of the financial and legal aspects to determine whether the project will prove to be viable.
  • A viability study by means of functional prototypes for their technical evaluation.
  • Industrial-scale production of components, of assembly benches and test benches until official approval to determine whether the product complies with current laws and regulations.
  • The finished product with the result of establishing the necessary production , quality control, packaging and labelling processes.

Each of these blocks can be carried out independently according to the client’s needs.


Projects emerge from ideas that have to be resolved and take shape, something tangible and useful. Developing ideas and transforming them into something functional and real is the key to our business. To turn them into reality we have the people, the track record, the means and the attitudes


Our projects are viable when they reach the functional prototype stage. We check its qualities, test it and it allows us to solve many of the functions and features that will be implemented in the end product. The prototype development process is led by expert professionals who use the most advanced methodologies to reduce costs, time and iterations.  This also allows for the first costings and ideas for scaling up and unit costs.


The transition from functional prototype to serial product manufacturing is a process monitored by our team of industry experts with more than 25 years of experience. They monitor the whole process with the best suppliers, take into account the applicable regulations, control the times and plan the quality control methods, while ensuring the efficiency of the manufacturing process and resolving the scalability of the production process.


We make the production capacity available to our clients with a clear vision of process and process improvement. Always with the aim of offering the best service, value for money and quality of the manufactured products. Manufacturing includes all the processes of planning, procurement, stock management, raw material purchasing, and line and fatigue testing. We design all the manufacturing and testing lines of the products we manufacture.


We are aware that developing an idea requires considerable investment, which is why we offer a range of tools in order to finance the production project at any stage of its life. These include small financial injections in the form of public funding and tax breaks, taking as a starting point a needs study and assessment and the corresponding selection of a line of financing and tax deductions suitable to meet these needs.

Watch the video!

Watch the video!