We are Inbrooll

About us

Global engineering to guarantee success

Inbrooll is made up of both veteran industry leaders and young visionaries with the latest technology and specialised external collaborators. All strictly coordinated and at the service of the client in a close-knit team, able to face the most difficult challenge.

Our engineering team will be involved with the overall development, taking the right steps that must be taken for the project to be completed as planned, without hitches or loss of time so as not to waste valuable resources.

In conclusion, as an engineering services company we understand the trust that our clients place in us and we strive to ensure that the project is viable and always in line with the initial vision.



Administration and purchasing



Facilities and installations

Founded in 2013, our facilities and installations are the combination of different spaces perfectly equipped to fulfil their purpose.

Inbrooll Industries S.L. has 200 m² of office space and a production and storage area that covers 880 m². In addition, a laboratory with an area of 120 m² to validate concepts and conduct fatigue testing, with a metrology and quality control area and a prototype development unit.

Facilities and installations conceived to ensure that every project, no matter how big, forges ahead.

1,200 m² where creativity and professionalism is in the air we breathe.

1,200 m² teeming with Commitment, Excellence, Responsibility and Trust.

1,200 m² where a team of 24 people work daily in sync with a common goal; to bring your ideas to life.

An ideal symbiosis of technology, spaces and people.

A corner in the industrial estate of “La banyeta” in Girona, where anything is possible.