We have successfully completed the Innoqua project


INNOQUA is a project funded by the EU Horizon 2020 consisting of 20 partners, which has demonstrated under real conditions a modular system for water treatment based on the purifying capacity of biological micro-organisms (earthworms, zooplankton and mycoalgae).

The configuration of the system is adjusted according to the target markets in order to respond to the most likely market needs. The project’s ultimate goal is to provide an eco-friendly water sanitation system for rural areas and communities, for industries with specific characteristics (such as agriculture and aquaculture), for builders of sustainable housing or owners of collective housing and for developing countries around the world.

Inbrooll has been responsible for designing the prototype of the eco-efficient purification system using different technologies in a single modular system.

The four-year project has installed pilot plants in 10 countries (France, Ireland, Italy, Romania, Scotland, the United Kingdom, Ecuador, Peru, India and Tanzania) to demonstrate the long-term viability of modular and locally sustainable solutions in real conditions of use. Similarly, the pilot plants have been associated with scientific research projects that, in turn, share information in real time with research partners. In addition, Girona has hosted a pilot plant for this technology and has therefore been one of the demonstration venues in the region.

It is estimated that there are currently around 20 million people in Europe who do not have access to wastewater treatment systems.

In addition to Inbrooll, two other Catalan partners have also taken part: the Eurecat technology centre and the University of Girona. INNOQUA has also received the explicit support of the Costa Brava Waters Consortium, the Catalan Water Agency (ACA) and the Spanish Water Technological Platform (PTEA).